new toys review, cz 85 and taurus 66

12 Mar

ive acquired two new pistols for different purposes.both very reasonably priced.

the first is a cz 85 in 9mm and a kadet kit which is a replacement slide, slide release and magazines x2 to mount on the slide and fire cheap 22 rimfire. this allows you to practice for pennies with the same gun your using for self defense.

the cz is an amazing value im extremely impressed the trigger is smooth, it eats anything I can run through it in 9mm and it feels good in its ergonomics. point shoot be happy.

this version is a surplus model purchased through guns america auctions from robertson trading post. it was used by the chek police and I am amazed and pleased with its condition for the price, similar 75 or 85s can be had from 300 to 350 from them. ive considered getting another I like it so much. a brand new 75b runs around 500 to 600 locally so at this price it allowed me to get a holster and a few extra mags and put a nice set of rose wood grips on it from e-bay

the kadet conversion kit magazines hold ten rounds which bugs me to no end, but the 9mm mags hold 16 with one in the chamber thats 17 rounds of hollow point 9mm ammo for ventilating an assailant.

I am using mine for self defense and it is proving to be ultra reliable.

next up is the taurus model 66 bought from tin star shooting range on an older model from taurus but it holds seven rounds of 357 magnum instead of the usual six, which could be a game changer. and priced in at a very affordable $383.99 for the gun plus shipping.  mine has proven to be a tack driver and after having a host of matte stainless steel pistols I wanted an old school blued has an exellent blue job and case hardened hammer and trigger which look nice. I would have preferred a choice in stocks and would have picked more late 70’s wood grips rather than the rubber grips. it fits nice in my fathers shoulder holster which formerly held his colt trooper mrk 4. when I go camping in the mountains this summer it will hang under my arm while in camp and go with me when hiking along with my rifle. by the way speed loaders for 7 shots also available on ebay

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