13 Mar

from Patterico: Bill Ayers: Breitbart Was a Leading “Bombthrower” of the Radical Right

It sounds like a joke until you see it. Yes, a co-founder of a group that conducted numerous bombings calls Breitbart a “bombthrower” — without irony:

As bizarre as it seems, this is what the left does nowadays. They put on a Serious Face and then they accuse you of being everything that they are now, always have been, and evermore shall be.

And as you sputter in disbelief, they repeat the accusation. Again and again and again.

To the point where an actual convicted domestic terrorist will actually describe a 43-year-old family man and conservative blogger as the real terrorist. [UPDATE: And so will an admitted but non-convicted terrorist like Ayers.]

You’ll hear plenty more about this tactic as the election approaches.

a bomb throwing american traitor see’s no irony in the words that came out of his mouth.

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