open question to muslims living in the west

17 Mar

there has been massive persecution of christians in the muslim world in the last year

Half of Iraq’s indigenous Christians are gone, due to the unleashed forces of jihad [holy war]. Many Christians fled to nearby Syria; yet, as the Assad regime comes under attack from al-Qaeda and others, the jihad now seeps into Syria, where Christians are experiencing a level of persecution unprecedented in the nation’s modern history. Similarly, some 100,000 Christian Copts have fled their native Egypt since the overthrow of the Mubarak regime; and in northern regions of Nigeria, where the jihadi group, Boko Haram, has been slaughtering Christians, up to 95% of the Christian population has fled.

so, my question is,

why should we christians, and secularists and jews who have built the west allow you to live in and immigrate to the west? why should we live in  peace with you here? when all the proof is you will turn on us and murder us?

Saudi Grand Mufti: It is “necessary to destroy all the churches of the region”

Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia
Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah

“And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”
~ Barack Obama, Cairo, June 4, 2009

(INN) The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah declared, last Monday, that it is “necessary to destroy all the churches of the region,” Raymond Ibrahim of Jihad Watch reported in an article published in the Middle East Forum, on March 14th.

“The Sheikh based his proclamation on the famous tradition, or hadith, wherein the prophet of Islam declared on his deathbed that ‘There are not to be two religions in the [Arabian] Peninsula,’ which has always been interpreted to mean that only Islam can be practiced in the region,” Ibrahim explained.

Ibrahim noted the inherent hypocrisy in the Grand Mufti quoting the hadith as reason to destroy churches, whereas, when non-Muslims do so “they are accused of being ‘Islamophobes,’ of intentionally slandering and misrepresenting Islam, of being obstacles on the road to ‘dialogue.”

The Mufti’s proclamation to obliterate Churches was made immediately following his recent calls to silence and suppress dissenting views, namely those of the former columnist Hazma Kashgari, whom he insisted be tried in a religious court for a series of ‘blasphemous’ tweets.

While the Mufti asserted that the “justice system in Sa[u]di Arabia is fair,” he nonetheless went on to say that, “all matters related to justice should be reviewed by Shariah courts as God the Almighty said in the Holy Quran.”

Kashgari immediately apologized for his comments, tweeting: “I have made a mistake, and I hope Allah and all those whom I have offended will forgive me,” before fleeing the country.

Furthermore, Ambassador to the United States Micheal Oren, in an article he published in the Wall Street Journal last Friday, affirmed that Arab discrimination against Christian minorities is becoming an increasingly prevalent phenomenon throughout the Arab world.

“In Egypt, 200,000 Coptic Christians fled their homes last year after beatings and massacres by Muslim extremist mobs,” Oren stated. “Since 2003, 70 Iraqi churches have been burned and nearly a thousand Christians killed in Baghdad alone, causing more than half of this million-member community to flee.”

He went on to state that “[c]onversion to Christianity is a capital offense in Iran, where last month Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani was sentenced to death” and that “Saudi Arabia outlaws private Christian prayer.”

In fact, Oren asserted, the “only place in the Middle East where Christians aren’t endangers but [are] flourishing is Israel.”

The facts seem to speak for themselves. Yet, as Ibrahim notes, “the West, with all its institutions of higher learning, including governmental agencies dealing with cultural and religious questions—is still thoroughly ‘confused’ as to what Islam teaches.”

Pastor, 8 others killed by muslims in Kaduna

Published on March 16, 2012 by

By Femi Adi/Kaduna

The pastor of the Assembly Church of God at Chikun district of Chikun local government area of Kaduna State and no fewer than nine other persons, including four members of the church, have been killed by gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen.

A member of the church who gave his name as Bulus Joseph told P.M.News this evening via phone that the attackers came early Friday and shot sporadically at houses around the church.

He said members residing around the church who tried to escape were either shot or macheted.

Another member of the church, Timothy Zango, who also confirmed the attack to P.M.News narrated that the attackers, who came with guns and machetes raided the church area and killed the pastor, Reverend Innocent Mari and four others.

He further narrated that the attackers raided some other villages from till 3 a.m today

According to a pastor of Assembly of God Church in Kaduna who spoke to P.M.News on phone , the attackers gunned down Rev Mari in the presence of the wife ,Judith and two children.

“The killers I was told by our members there, killed with impunity and with no any resistance after which they left.” The pastor stated.

But from what was later gathered from the attacked area ,no fewer than nine persons were killed, while about five others injured are in critical condition at the hospital .

300 Muslim Lawyers Storm Egyptian Court, Prevent Lawyers for Christian From Entering

Posted GMT 3-16-2012 0:47:39

(AINA) — More than 300 Muslim lawyers inside and outside a courthouse in the southern Egyptian province of Assuit today prevented defense lawyer Ahmad Sayed Gabali, who is representing the Christian Makarem Diab, from going into court. Mr. Diab was found guilty of ‘Insulting the Muslim Prophet’ and was scheduled today a hearing on his appeal.

Attorney Dr. Naguib Gabriell, head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization, said there was “terror in the Assiut Court today.” He added that he was on his way to court when he was advised that Muslim lawyers have issued death threats to any Christian lawyers who attend the court session. “Makram Diab was assaulted by Muslim lawyers during his transfer from the courtroom and security failed to protect him.”

Peter Sarwat, a Coptic lawyer, said that Muslim lawyers representing the plaintiffs prevented the defense team from entering court. “They said no Muslim will defend a Christian. It was agreed that Christian lawyers would take over and two Coptic lawyers volunteered, but the Muslims decided later that even Christians would not defend him.” Sarwat said the Muslim lawyers wanted to assault the chief judge but he managed to leave the court via a rear door.

Adel Ramadam and Ahmad Mohamad Hossam, two Muslim lawyers and activists from the renowned NGO Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) went to court to defend Diab’s right to a fair trial but were assaulted by the other Muslim lawyers. “They were assaulting us in a beastly and strange way just because we went there to defend a citizen who happened to be a Christian,” said Adel Ramadam. He also said that to get out of court was a complex operation and a huge task for the security personnel. “We left court in a security vehicle which took us to Security headquarters, otherwise, we don’t know what the outcome would have been for us.”

Makram Diab, a school secretary was sentenced by the Abanoub misdemeanor court two weeks ago to six years imprisonment on charges of insulting Islam’s prophet. His defense lawyer, Ahmad Sayed Gabali, was also prevented during that session from entering the court by Muslim lawyers (AINA 3-5-2012).

Man suspected of planning Milan synagogue attack arrested (ANSA) – Milan, March 15 – Police arrested a suspected terrorist in the northern city of Brescia early on Thursday who they believe may have been planning an attack on Milan’s synagogue.

Jarmoune Mohamed, a 20-year-old Moroccan national who has lived in Italy since he was six, is also suspected of setting up secret Facebook pages providing training on making bombs and using weapons for budding terrorists.

so, now that you have read through to this point I ask again why should we of the west allow any further immigration of muslims to the west and why should we allow muslims who are here to stay? when muslim populations reach critical mass it seems by all available data that you start subjugating and killing non mulsims, and you cannot live in peace and equality with non muslims.

as exampled here

or here


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