whats in store for europe

23 Mar

heres the thing, you already have muslim no go zones off limits to native “infidels”, europe and the UK are already experiencing the cultural enrichment of honor killings terrorist murder sprees in the name of islam, and rape epidemics and sex rings that are preying on native girls all for the privilege of living with muslims, so tell me leftist apologists for islam in the west, the muslim communities are NOT becoming western secular peoples who support western modern culture, what makes you think that when the population of muslims reach critical mass they are not going to bring with them the way islam is practiced regarding “infidels” law, and culture in muslim lands?

really do you think its just completely absurd that the barbaric 7th century pracitices of islam will stay in the muslim world and not try to displace western culture? that islam with its long history of violence and subjugation of the non muslim wont come home to roost in the UK and western europe?

your foolishness and willful blindness is orwellian.

from eye on the world this  spot on commentary~~French Muslims fear backlash after murders

(Paris) After 9/11, the London bombings and the Glasgow bombings, the media went into overdrive about how Muslims were the real victims here, that they feared reprisals and that actually ‘Islam’ is a religion of peace. Unfortunately for the left, real world events have left an indelible stain that actually ‘Islam‘ is anything but peaceful. But they still continue to throw mud and slander at anybody who calls a spade a spade.

Which is why in France, the media are opining about how French Muslims fear a backlash. Really? Would that be the France where Islamic ghettos are off limits to non-Muslims and where Sharia is the law, where Islamic gangs run riot on a nightly basis and non-Islamic properties are burnt (usually cars), where Jews are kidnapped and murdered by Islamic gangs and where the vast majority of prison inmates (60-70%) are… Islamic?

Remind me again, who are the real victims here?


Syrian Sunni Clerics Issue Fatwa Ruling It Permissible To Kill “Alawite Women And Children”…

In related news, McRINO just made another plea for U.S. intervention in toppling the Assad regime.


Following are excerpts from an interview with Syrian cleric Sheik Muhammad Badi’ Moussa, which aired on Al-Hekma TV on March 14, 2012:

Interviewer : Is it permissible to kill ‘Alawites – their women and their children – in retaliation for their actions?

Muhammad Badi’ Moussa : Yes, my brother. We have issued a communiqué to the ‘Alawites, in which we gave them a strong warning, which may be the last. Our brothers in the Free Syrian Army sent queries to scholars in exile, asking whether they were allowed to raid ‘Alawite villages, like the Zahra, Eqrima, and Nuzha suburbs of Homs.

Our brothers in the Free Syrian Army asked several sheiks and scholars for a fatwa on whether they are allowed to kill [‘Alawite] women and children, just as they are killing our women and children. The snipers are coming from the ‘Alawite suburbs, and the free Muslim women who were raped and kidnapped are being held in ‘Alawite suburbs.
All the scholars said: Have a little patience. They must be warned first. We don’t want a civil, sectarian war to rage in Syria.

[The ‘Alawites] know that they are a minority in our country, and that all the sects hate them and want to get rid of them. It is not in their best interest to follow the regime.


Egyptian Presidential Candidate Calls For The Implementation of Islamic Punishments: Execution, Crucifixion And Amputation of Opposite Hands And Feet…

Not the first time we’ve heard calls for crucifixions by Egypt’s new Islamist rulers.

(MEMRI) — Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hussein Yaaqub, which aired on Al-Nas TV on March 16, 2012 :

Hussein Yaaqub : My brothers, how are we to deal with bullying? First thing by means of religion, by restoring religion to people’s lives. To the lives of people and to the life of the Islamic nation… The shari’a must be exalted.

The Islamic punishment of hiraba must be implemented. The Koran says: “Those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive to spread corruption in the land…” If someone robs people of their money, it is as if he fought our Lord and His Messenger. Hiraba applies to a highway robber. A robber who stops someone in the street and says: “Give me your purse” is fighting Allah and His Messenger. If he stops someone in the street and says: “Give me your car,” he is fighting Allah and His Messenger.

The punishment for all this is called hiraba, and it is applied to someone who fights Allah and His Messenger. Anybody who attacks a home, a shop, a bank, a factory, or anything… When an armed gang enters a place in order to take things by force, they are fighting Allah and His Messenger.

The [hiraba] punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and who strive to spread corruption in the land, is for them to be executed, or to be crucified, or to have their hand and foot chopped off on opposite sides, or to be banished from the land. The implementation of this punishment will guarantee security.

Petrol-bomb attack on religious group by muslims

Adam Cooper

A petrol-bomb attack on a community centre has prompted fears among Melbourne’s Alevi population they could be targeted with more violence on religious grounds.

Glass bottles containing petrol and set alight were thrown at the front and rear doors of the Alevi Community Council of Australia centre in North Coburg overnight.

No one was inside the centre at the time of the incident, but a centre spokeswoman said the building’s rear door was badly burnt.

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Surmeli Aydogan, the council’s community liaison officer, said the centre’s users were also concerned to find notes pinned to the fence threatening Alevis on religious grounds unless they “testified” that Allah was the only god to be worshipped.

Ms Aydogan said the centre had previously received threatening phone calls, but had dismissed them as pranks. However, she said the attack with petrol bombs had left the council’s members shaken.

Alevi is a branch of the Sufi order of Shia Islam.

“We’re worried this might happen again, and what if this happens when people are here? That’s our main concern,” she said.

“We’re concerned about that as well because we have a youth group here, we have young children here, we have elderly groups. There are people at the centre every single day. It’s a cultural centre, so we do cultural things like reading poetry and dance and so forth.”

Ms Aydogan said the attack had stirred painful memories for some of the city’s Alevi population, many of whom moved to Australia after years of oppression in Turkey.

“We’re an oppressed group and we’ve been denied our rights in Turkey, but we live in Australia,” she said.

“We’re Australian Alevis now and this sort of thing happening here brings back memories, particularly for our elderly, of what they went through.”

Fawkner police confirmed detectives were investigating the incident.

Read more:

muslim kills Ten in a Nigeria church bombing

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The attack on the Nigerian church in Jos is similar to a suicide bombing that took place on a church in February. (File photo)

The attack on the Nigerian church in Jos is similar to a suicide bombing that took place on a church in February. (File photo)


A suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Catholic church in the Nigerian city of Jos on Sunday, killing 10 people attending mass, the emergency services said.

The man drove his car towards St Finbar’s Catholic Church in the city before setting off a large explosion, killing himself and at least three churchgoers, emergency agency spokesman Yushau Shuaib told AFP.

“Three confirmed dead,” said Shuaib, adding that several others were in a critical condition.

“The bomb exploded before he could get to the church,” he said of the bomber.


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