north sudan governor on video telling soldiers to kill all in thier path take no prisoners in jihaad against now independent south sudan

04 Apr

Islamic (North) Sudan Governor to Muslim Soldiers: ‘Take no prisoners’ ‘Don’t bring them back alive. Beat them raw’

“Crush them. Don’t bring them back alive. Beat them raw. Are you ready?”

Northern Sudan is Islamic. After decades of jihad genocide and unspeakable horrors on the Southern Sudanese (Black Christians, Animist, secular Muslims) and two million slaughtered, southern Sudan voted for their independence last year from the Muslim north: “99% Vote for Independence in Southern Sudan: “Free at Last!”

Despite this, the Muslim North has continued to wage war against the South. You knew when the Christian South Sudan voted for freedom (secession) from the Islamic North Sudan that the Muslims would wage war against the Christians and non-Muslims in the South. And so they have.

Muslim North Attacks Southern Sudan, Burning and Looting in Abyei

The Jihad Against Southern Sudan

Jihad in Sudan: Mass Graves Found

Islamic North Sudan Bombs Newly Free Christian South Sudan

The above news report was broadcast on jihad-TV, Al Jazeera, which is why no mention is made of Islam. But the war on Southern Sudan is a jihad.

I do not expect Obama to assist those fighting jihad, seeing as how he invariably sides with Islamic supremacists, but we should be vocally supporting and arming the South.

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