the leftist obama regime war on energy independence and energy prosperity continues

06 Apr
April 06, 2012

from ace—-Former Interior Department Adviser: Ken Salazar Was So Determined To Remove Dams, His Agency Cooked The Books To Get The “Science” He Wanted

Remember, Obama is the All of the Above Energy Candidate.

Hydroelectric dams create cheap power which do not burn any fuel. Water powers the turbines. Essentially free electricity is generated.

So, we’re not interested in combustible fuels. Now we also are dismantling our hydroelectric sources.

A former science adviser to the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Reclamation was fired in February, shortly after he alleged that the Obama administration intentionally falsified scientific fact in a proposal for dam removal in the Klamath River.Professor Paul Houser of George Mason University, in an allegation to the Office of the Executive Secretariat and Regulatory Affairs in the Department of the Interior, said that Sec. Ken Salazar’s determination to remove the dams resulted in “intentional biased (falsification) reporting of scientific results.”

He also alleged that when he voiced his concern about the scientific integrity of the press release involving the dam removal in September, very few of his concerns were taken into consideration.

Houser was later terminated from his government job.

Salazar says removing the dams will bring back salmon populations, but the whistleblower says there are nine factors suggesting salmon won’t come back, dam or no, and yet Salazar is determined to destroy yet another source of domestic energy on what amounts to hope.



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