an arms race between citizens and the government?

10 Apr

A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security confirms via email (they don’t like to talk on the phone) that a five-year department-wide contract was awarded this spring to Federal Cartridge, a wholly owned subsidiary of ATK, for the purchase of up to 450 million rounds of .40-caliber S&W 180-grain pistol ammunition. It’s “the quantity projected to be used over the next five years” by DHS, excluding the Coast Guard, which gets its ammunition through the Department of Defense.

It’s “the primary vehicle” for the .40-caliber duty ammo, adds spokesman Matt Chandler.

(For a scale comparison, the Army in 2010 ordered 200 million rounds of its improved M855A1 5.56 round for use in Afghanistan, describing that amount as a 12- to 15-month supply.)

The department was also soliciting April bids for a new supply of .233 Remington rifle ammunition — the stuff the Army uses in its M-16s. Various Internet reports — including one from Business Insider — contend that order could be in the range of 125 million to 175 million rounds, though in response to repeated email inquiries, a DHS spokesman in late March would confirm only that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would be seeking bids by April 12 for 90,000 rounds.

This still sounds like a lot of ammunition for an agency best-known for its blue-gloved goons waiting to grope you at the airport.

No one is saying border guards should go unarmed or carry empty weapons. And yes, any federal officer authorized to go armed presumably needs to qualify at the range from time to time. But hundreds of millions of rounds?

One part of the answer: The DHS runs the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, headquartered in Glynco, Ga., where every gun-handling federal agent from federal marshals to IRS agents to USDA chicken inspectors get their firearms training. If we assume the federales use their high-quality “duty” ammunition at the range and don’t cut corners with generic hardball for practice, like those of us who have to buy our own brass (and it appears they may), that could start to add up.

But I’m reliably informed DHS itself currently fields more than 135,000 “weapons-carrying law enforcement officers across the department.”

And is there any plan to expand that number — or the department’s mission?

“The short answer is no,” a Homeland Security spokesman tells me.

One thing should be obvious, however. In little more than a decade since the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center, the federal government has created a vast new domestic police force, massively armed and busily working to get us accustomed to what looks more and more like an army of domestic occupation.

And because American civilians are simultaneously gunning up in unprecedented numbers, in part out of concern that the gun grabbers’ agenda may be back on the front burner in any Obama second term, could this be considered an arms race?

update, leftards crying about blood on the NRA’s hands. fuckin hypocrytes how bout the blood on obama/holders hands with over 300 dead innocent mexicans and american agents becuase they purposely ran guns into mexico illegally in order to astroturf the issue of gun violence in mexico so as to institute more gun control here in the US. they, government socialist/marxist officials holder/obama didnt care about breaking a few eggs in fast and furious did they?


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