slowly but surely the communists are infiltrating positions of power

13 Apr

Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

from noisyroom

Rep. Allen West’s comments about alleged communists in Congress have led to what West calls “A lot of buzz and inaccurate reporting” in the media. Some reporters have nitpicked West on whether he has concrete proof of actual card-carrying members of the Communist Party USA in the Congress.

Politico called him a McCarthyite and actually quoted a spokesman for the Communist Party as saying that West didn’t know what he was talking about.

But the alternative media, led by, have been covering the story of how the international communist movement, responsible for about one hundred million dead, is very much alive and has collaborators in the U.S. Congress. Rebel Pundit is the work of Jeremy Segal, a disciple of the late Andrew Breitbart who produced the recent video of Rep. Danny K. Davis being honored by the People’s World at the Communist Party U.S.A.’s headquarters in Chicago for a lifetime of “inspiring leadership.”

Davis serves on the Homeland Security Committee where his subcommittee assignments are the Subcommittee on Transportation and the Subcommittee on Oversight. He is also a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

When Segal started questioning the congressman outside the party headquarters, CPUSA members and a Davis handler wearing an Obama jacket tried to intervene to protect Davis from further questioning, with one person calling Segal “disgusting.” Segal protested, “Don’t touch me!”

But rather than highlight the case against Davis, who has represented the Chicago-area 7th Congressional District of Illinois since 1996, Chicago Tribune columnist and editorial writer Steve Chapman called West “an embarrassment to the party” for his anti-communist remarks and suggested that he be condemned or expelled from the GOP caucus in the House.

In a brief telephone interview, Chapman, who is labeled a “conservative” by the Townhall website, told AIM that he had never heard of or seen the Davis video, which was originally released through a Breitbart website on March 12. He said he would determine whether it is newsworthy if a link to the video was emailed to him. It has been done.

Although the Davis video got some coverage locally in Chicago, on Fox News and by Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), Segal said he wants to see more media pick up the story, especially because of its national security implications. “This is something that should be front page on the Chicago Tribune,” he said. Instead, however, Tribune columnist Chapman claims no knowledge of the video and bashes West for using inexact language in calling attention to the problem.

“I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party who are members of the Communist Party,” West had said. “It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.” Though serious, he was apparently using the term communist in a loose way, to suggest a far-left or radical “progressive” approach, and also to identify what have traditionally been called “fellow travelers” of the CPUSA.

Indeed, there is abundant evidence of members of Congress cooperating and collaborating with the Communist Party and its front groups, with Davis being only one concrete example. But the major media won’t cover the information because of their apparent fear that such coverage would itself be labeled McCarthyite.

Unafraid of the negative attacks, Segal reports “from the belly of the beast” in Chicago and was inspired by Andrew Breitbart to become a citizen journalist. “I became a disciple of Andrew’s in the media battle we’re in.” His Davis video is the biggest yet and has the potential to highlight communist influence in the Congress as well as the Obama Administration, since Davis and Obama are long-time friends.

Rep. West clearly understands the media war as well and said about the controversy over his comments: “The press wants to write gotcha stories and talk semantics, but just look at the words and actions of the [Congressional] Progressive Caucus. You can call them socialist, Marxist, communist or whatever you want, but the point is, they oppose free markets and individual economic freedom, they want to redistribute wealth, and they want to see the nation fundamentally transformed. Their policies are destructive and I will stand up to them regardless of the critics. Members of this Caucus lavished praise on Fidel Castro following a 2009 visit, just to name one example. The Communist Party USA claims the Progressive Caucus as its ‘ally.’”

videos and more important info finish at noisyroom

update to this very old post, there are people out there who are either malevolent communists, communist sympathizers/useful idiots, foolish and or children who dont believe communism was responsible for millions of deaths.these deniers have their reasons but they wont be entertained here.

Soviet Union

Stalin (1924-1953): The number of Soviet citizens killed by the Stalin regime will never be known with accuracy. Believable counts indicate that between 8.5 million and 50 million people died of starvation, politically-motivated murder and in forced labor camps. The most reliable estimate today is somewhere around 20 million.


Mao (1949-1975): About 50 million people died in China as a result of ill-planned land reforms, implementation of communist agriculture policies, repression of minorities and political violence under Mao Zedong.

Early Political Purges and Land Reform: 2 million
“Great Leap Forward”: 31-33 million
“Cultural Revolution”: 1 million (some estimates go up to 20 million)
Ethnic Minorities, including the occupation of Tibet: 750,000-900,000
Forced Labor Camps: 20 million


Fair estimates say that about 1.6 million people were killed during the short but incredibly brutal reign of Cambodian communist Pol Pot, between 1975 and 1978. Out of a beginning population of 8 million, this means that about 20% of all Cambodians died from political violence, mass executions and state-endorsed starvation during Pol Pot’s rule.

Mass killings under Communist regimes

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mass killings occurred under some Communist regimes during the twentieth century with an estimated death toll numbering between 85 and 100 million.[1] Scholarship focuses on the causes of mass killings in single societies, though some claims of common causes for mass killings have been made. Some higher estimates of mass killings include not only mass murders or executions that took place during the elimination of political opponents, civil wars, terror campaigns, and land reforms, but also lives lost due to war, famine, disease, and exhaustion in labor camps.

the Soviet Union appears the greatest megamurderer of all, apparently killing near 61,000,000 people. Stalin himself is responsible for almost 43,000,000 of these. Most of the deaths, perhaps around 39,000,000 are due to lethal forced labor in gulag and transit thereto. Communist China up to 1987, but mainly from 1949 through the cultural revolution, which alone may have seen over 1,000,000 murdered, is the second worst megamurderer. Then there are the lesser megamurderers, such as North Korea and Tito’s Yugoslavia.

Obviously the population that is available to kill will make a big difference in the total democide, and thus the annual percentage rate of democide is revealing. By far, the most deadly of all communist countries and, indeed, in this century by far, has been Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. Pol Pot and his crew likely killed some 2,000,000 Cambodians from April 1975 through December 1978 out of a population of around 7,000,000. This is an annual rate of over 8 percent of the population murdered, or odds of an average Cambodian surviving Pol Pot’s rule of slightly over just over 2 to 1.

In sum the communist probably have murdered something like 110,000,000, or near two-thirds of all those killed by all governments, quasi-governments, and guerrillas from 1900 to 1987. Of course, the world total itself it shocking. It is several times the 38,000,000 battle-dead that have been killed in all this century’s international and domestic wars. Yet the probable number of murders by the Soviet Union alone–one communist country– well surpasses this cost of war. And those murders of communist China almost equal it.

below are citations and scholars in the field just for china

People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong’s regime (1949-1975): 40,000,000 [make link] [sources in alphabetical order]

  • Agence France Press (25 Sept. 1999) citing at length from Courtois, Stephane, Le Livre Noir du Communism:
    • Rural purges, 1946-49: 2-5M deaths
    • Urban purges, 1950-57: 1M
    • Great Leap Forward: 20-43M
    • Cultural Revolution: 2-7M
    • Labor Camps: 20M
    • Tibet: 0.6-1.2M
    • TOTAL: 44.5 to 72M
  • Jasper Becker, Hungry Ghosts : Mao’s Secret Famine (1996)
    • Estimates of the death toll from the Great Leap Forward, 1959-61:
      • Judith Banister, China’s Changing Population (1984): 30M excess deaths (acc2 Becker: “the most reliable estimate we have”)
      • Wang Weizhi, Contemporary Chinese Population (1988): 19.5M deaths
      • Jin Hui (1993): 40M population loss due to “abnormal deaths and reduced births”
      • Chen Yizi of the System Reform Inst.: 43-46M deaths
  • Brzezinski:
    • Forcible collectivization: 27 million peasants
    • Cultural Revolution: 1-2 million
    • TOTAL: 29 million deaths under Mao
  • Daniel Chirot:
    • Land reform, 1949-56
      • According to Zhou Enlai: 830,000
      • According to Mao Zedong: 2-3M
    • Great Leap Forward: 20-40 million deaths.
    • Cultural Revolution: 1-20 million
  • Jung Chang, Mao: the Unknown Story (2005)
    • Suppression of Counterrevolutionaries, 1950-51: 3M by execution, mob or suicide
    • Three-Anti Campaign, 1952-53: 200,000-300,000 suicides
    • Great Leap Forward, 1958-61: 38M of starvation and overwork
    • Cultural Revolution, 1966-76: > 3M died violent deaths
    • Laogai camp deaths, 1949-76: 27M
    • TOTAL under Mao: 70M
  • Dictionary of 20C World History: around a half million died in Cultural Rev.
  • Eckhardt:
    • Govt executes landlords (1950-51): 1,000,000
    • Cultural Revolution (1967-68): 50,000
  • Gilbert:
    • 1958-61 Famine: 30 million deaths.
  • Kurt Glaser and Stephan Possony, Victims of Politics (1979):
    • They estimate the body count under Mao to be 38,000,000 to 67,000,000.
    • Cited by G & P:
      • Walker Report (see below): 44.3M to 63.8M deaths.
      • The Government Information Office of Taiwan (18 Sept. 1970): 37M deaths in the PRC.
      • A Radio Moscow report (7 Apr. 1969): 26.4M people had been exterminated in China.
      • (NOTE: Obviously the Soviets and Taiwanese would, as enemies, be strongly motivated to exaggerate.)
  • Guinness Book of World Records:
    • Although nowadays they don’t come right out and declare Mao to be the Top Dog in the Mass Killings category, earlier editions (such as 1978) did, and they cited sources which are similar, but not identical, to the Glaser & Possony sources:
      • On 7 Apr. 1969 the Soviet government radio reported that 26,300,000 people were killed in China, 1949-65.
      • In April 1971 the cabinet of the government of Taiwan reported 39,940,000 deaths for the years 1949-69.
      • The Walker Report (see below): between 32,2500,000 and 61,700,000.
  • Harff and Gurr:
    • KMT cadre, rich peasants, landlords (1950-51): 800,000-3,000,000
    • Cultural Revolution (1966-75): 400,000-850,000
  • John Heidenrich, How to Prevent Genocide: A Guide for Policymakers, Scholars, and the Concerned Citizen: 27M death toll, incl. 2M in Cultural Revolution
  • Paul Johnson doesn’t give an overall total, but he gives estimates for the principle individual mass dyings of the Mao years:
    • Land reform, first years of PRC: at least 2 million people perished.
    • Great Leap Forward: “how many millions died … is a matter of conjecture.”
    • Cultural Revolution: 400,000, calling the 3 Feb. 1979 estimate by Agence France Presse, “The most widely respected figure”.
  • Meisner, Maurice, Mao’s China and After (1977, 1999), doesn’t give an overall total either, but he does give estimates for the three principle mass dyings of the Mao years:
    • Terror against the counterrevolutionaries: 2 million people executed during the first three years of the PRC.
    • Great Leap Forward: 15-30 million famine-related deaths.
    • Cultural Revolution: 400,000, citing a 1979 estimate by Agence France Presse.
  • R. J. Rummel:
    • Estimate:
      • Democide: 34,361,000 (1949-75)
        • The principle episodes being…
          • All movements (1949-58): 11,813,000
            • incl. Land Reform (1949-53): 4,500,000
          • Cult. Rev. (1964-75): 1,613,000
          • Forced Labor (1949-75): 15,000,000
          • Great Leap Forward (1959-63): 5,680,000 democides
      • War: 3,399,000
      • Famine: 34,500,000
        • Great Leap Forward: 27M famine deaths
      • TOTAL: 72,260,000
    • Cited in Rummel:
      • Li, Cheng-Chung (Republic of China, 1979): 78.86M direct/indirect deaths.
      • World Anti-Communist League, True Facts of Maoist Tyranny (1971): 64.5M
      • Glaser & Possony: 38 to 67M (see above)
      • Walker Report, 1971 (see below): 31.75M to 58.5M casualties of Communism (excluding Korean War).
      • Current Death Toll of International Communism (1979): 39.9M
      • Stephen R. Shalom (1984), Center for Asian Studies, Deaths in China Due To Communism: 3M to 4M death toll, excluding famine.
  • Walker, Robert L., The Human Cost of Communism in China (1971, report to the US Senate Committee of the Judiciary) “Casualties to Communism” (deaths):
    • 1st Civil War (1927-36): .25-.5M
    • Fighting during Sino-Japanese War (1937-45): 50,000
    • 2nd Civil War (1945-49): 1.25M
    • Land Reform prior to Liberation: 0.5-1.0M
    • Political liquidation campaigns: 15-30M
    • Korean War: 0.5-1.234M
    • Great Leap Forward: 1-2M
    • Struggle with minorities: 0.5-1.0M
    • Cultural Revolution: .25-.5M
    • Deaths in labor camps: 15-25M
    • TOTAL: 34.3M to 63.784M
    • TOTAL FOR PRC: 32M to 59.5M
  • July 17, 1994, Washington Post (Great Leap Forward 1959-61)
    • Shanghai University journal, Society: > 40 million
    • Cong Jin: 40 million
    • Chen Yizi: 43 million in the famine. 80 million total as a result of Mao’s policies.
  • Weekly Standard, 29 Sept. 1997, “The Laogai Archipelago” by D. Aikman:
    • Between 1949 and 1997, 50M prisoners passed through the labor camps, and 15,000,000 died (citing Harry Wu)
  • WHPSI: 1,633,319 political executions and 25,961 deaths from political violence, 1948-77. TOTAL: 1,659,280
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  1. texasvetgal

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    Im all for some fresh new McCarthyism, except, this time around, there are no “ACCUSATIONS” From all accounts they are all Facts. Round these scumbags up and put them on trial. They subvert our laws and Constitution. Our useless elected representatives (more scumbags) will never do it.
    So it will be up to Patriots Again, while the weasles and scoundrels that got us here sit on the sidelines.


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