islam and its inabilty to intigrate with the west

28 Apr

Boys growing up in religious Muslim families are more likely to be violent“.

he details a wealth of information on the muslim immigrants and his conclusions are frightening,

These social and psychological hindrances have convinced me that Muslim integration will never happen to the necessary extent. It will happen in some places to a certain extent, but the vast majority will not overcome the psychological, intellectual, cultural, religious and social challenges. The consequence will be that we get bigger and better organized Muslim parallel societies. The psychology of these communities will be characterized by aggression, the feeling of victimization and the right to “defend” themselves by any means against their oppressors, and by growing demands for special rules – so-called Islamization – of the country.

on the heals of the obvious and frightening conclusions above comes more from the religion of the psychopath profet mo

sex with dead bodies A-ok in islam

Egypt’s New ‘Death-Sex’ Law In Context

The Quran tells believers that those who follow Muhammad’s example are on the correct the path to Allah. It also tells us, even if we don’t like what Muhammad prescribed for us, we should still accept it, as Allah knows what is good for us and we do not.

Egypt’s “farewell intercourse” law is not about a deviant sexual preference. The law is probably appalling to most, even in Egypt. It is the legalization of behavior, however inappropriate or distasteful, that was practiced by Islam’s perfect example.

Raymond Ibrahim explores the background of this new controversial sex-after-death law. Like most laws under Sharia, the basis is in Islam’s prophet’s own behavior and teachings.

Via Jihad Watch:

Aside from provoking shock, disgust, and denial, last week’s news of Egyptian parliamentarians trying to pass a “farewell intercourse” law legalizing sex with one’s wife up to six hours after she dies has yet to be fully appreciated.To start, consider the ultimate source of this practice: it’s neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor the Salafis; rather, as with most of Islam’s perversities—from adult breastfeeding to pedophilia marriage—Islamic necrophilia is traced to the fount of Islam, its prophet Muhammad, as found in a hadith (or tradition) that exists in no less than six of Islam’s classical reference texts (including Kanz al-‘Umal by Mutaqi al-Hindi and Al-Hujja fi Biyan al-Mahujja, an authoritative text on Sunni Doctrine, by Abu Qassim al-Asbahani).

Read it all.


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2 responses to “islam and its inabilty to intigrate with the west

  1. Rose

    May 2, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    rumcrook, You’re spelling is atrocious:) Even worse than mine! It’s integrate!

    But at least you have a blog, … you’re talking the talk. But I have to confess to laughing at some of your posts on other sites, cause your misspellings are consistent!

    Couldn’t resist poking fun. Forgive me.


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