Active Duty Wounded VET Has Guns Confiscated & then Thrown in Jail in D.C.

21 May

Active Duty Wounded VET Has Guns Confiscated & then Thrown in Jail in D.C.

Imagine returning home from multiple tours of duty, where you are asked to put your life on the line on a daily basis, only to find yourself sitting in jail for something the government pays you to do…. CARRY A GUN

Lt. Augustine KimWell that’s exactly what happened to Lieutenant Augustine while driving through Washington D.C.  Ironically, our nation’s capital, the so called center of freedom, doesn’t recognize the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. To make matters worse, they don’t even trust our soldiers who they send into harms way to carry one here at home.

Lieutenant Kim, who was at home being treated at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital for wounds that he received on the battlefield, was in the process of moving his belongings back home. Before being deployed Lieutenant Kim had brought his ten thousand dollar gun collection to his parents home for safe keeping. While at home seeking medical treatment for his wounds, Lieutenant Kim decided to transport his collection back to his home in South Carolina.

He drove out to his parents home in New Jersey and secured the weapons in the trunk of his vehicle, according to federal firearms transportation law, and the set out for his home in South Carolina. In route from New Jersey he stopped in Washington D.C. for a scheduled round of treatment at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital.

And that’s when his troubles started….

After leaving his appointment at Walter Reed, Kim was pulled over by the D.C. police department. Because of some sort of clerical error, the police believed Lieutenant Kim was driving on a suspended license and asked to search his car. Believing that he had nothing to hide, Kim allowed officers to search his vehicle.

He was then handcuffed, arrested, thrown in jail, and his guns were confiscated.

Despite following federal firearms rules, set by the Firearms Owners Protection Act, and explaining that he was only trying to transport his gun collection home to South Carolina, Lieutenant Kim was arrested on four felony counts and then thrown in jail. Lieutenant Kim, a solider who put his life on the line for this country, was now facing up to 20 years in prison for transporting his legal firearms to his home in South Carolina.

According to the Washington Times, the police told Mr. Kim he was in violation of D.C. Law for carrying firearms outside his home. They didn’t care that he had followed federal transportation laws or that the firearms were locked up in the truck of his car. In their view he was a criminal.

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