they cause most of the violence around the globe but play the victim card like its nobodies business…

14 Aug


Predictably, their claims are bald faced lies.

Vlad asked me to mirror this in its entirety, which I am glad to do. The propaganda war against the indigenous people of Burma by the Muslims is relentless, what is happening now greatly resembles the PR schmooze campaign on the West during the Clinton regime by the Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs.

VLAD: ”I want people to be aware of some terrible blood libels by muslims attacking Buddhists, claiming there is some muslim genocide going on at Buddhists hands, while I am sure that Buddhists historical reputation shows them in excellent light, the imagery that muslims are using is compelling in a style they normally reserve for Jews in the blood libels we are used to hearing them fabricate.”

Social media is lying to you about Burma’s Muslim cleansing

Faraz Ahmed |

Social networking sites are abuzz with news about Muslims being killed in Burma.You can see the sporadic posting of pictures by different people with captions like ‘Muslims killing in Burma’, ‘Muslims slaughtered by Buddhists in Burma’ and so on.

Thus, I took on the mission to sort the truth out for myself once and for all and researched some pictures that I felt were dubious. Below are a few pictures and their original copies. You can evidently see the gross difference between them and how they are thrown out of context.

A picture shared on facebook:

602535 335682046513473 517563933 n Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

I have found original version here:

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