a once great nation

29 Dec

we stand or kneel depending on which side of the cultural/political divide you are on, at a precipice of our own

making, and im not talking about the fiscal cliff although it is certainly a part of the puzzle being assembled by those who want to destroy this country.

I am talking about all the cultural political milestones and markers that have led us to this point, the point at which we teeter at the edge of being a representative republic or a soft tyranny run mostly by a bureaucrat/political class through whom all things must pass if you wish to play.

milestones like the department of education which has been about political agendas of leftism and reshaping this nation through propagandizing and dumbing down our children, not education, or the epa which is about stifling and destroying the free market and energy independence of this country, or osha, which is about burrying industries and bussinesses under a mountain of rules driving them out of business and destroying prosperity. milestones large and small of all types over the last 30 years all slowly marching this nation towards the end game, statism and tyranny.

some would say we have already fallen off this cliff we just haven’t struck bottom yet and while we are falling we are just re arranging the furniture on the way down. but the serfs and slaves who would trade freedom for a bigger big brother, pathetic “freebees” like and ebt card or a false sense of safety and security through the siren song of gun control which has been proven a failure over and over again just like socialism.

one thing lost to the fearful is that when help from the police is needed, when seconds count, they are minutes away. and when you look to the government to look to the government to provide your daily needs you will be treated as a child by a parent and you will live as they decree and do as they say when you accept the “help”

this allows the size scope and oppressive nature of the government to ever encroach on individual lives.

the government and its adherents and special class, the parasites grow to be the masters, and their will be two castes of law. one for them and one for the little people.

fuck you america im gonna fundementally change you because thats what you do with something you dont like and want to get rid of.


but here is the crux, they desperately want to separate the 50% still standing and not on their knees from guns. those not asking to be taken care of from cradle to grave, or on board with their schemes to punish producers, transfer wealth or adhere to the new religion of secular leftism and all its religious beliefs cannot be forced to comply shut up or made second class citizen or be exterminated for holding opposing political or cultural views so long as they are armed.

think im exaggerating? how about the college professor who recently expounded passionately about putting to death anyone who refuses to believe in global warming. but is against the death penalty for more mundane things such as being a murderer. global warming by the way being a religious duty of the left to believe in yet exposed as a sham

or the fact that muslim immigration since 911 with its colonizing culture and hatred of all things western has skyrocketed under the directives of the federal government and the multi culti western culture hating leftists who need more shock troops and so have handed out visas like confetti being thrown at a party. they bring with them a barbaric religion and culture which is and has always been bent on undermining all cultures and nations it takes root within and destroying them.

Prominent U.S. Imam: New Caliphate Should Wage Jihad Against Non-Muslim States

they know they can never control or destroy those of us not yet kneeling untill they disarm us

and that is what the screeching howling going on now with the pre packaged efforts to inflict gun control on us are all about. finally putting the nail in the coffin of this republic. fundementally changing this nation. and they cant continue to burry this nation and destroy this culture if we can still defend ourselves.

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