a small matter, but deadly serious as one more brick in the wall of tyranny

29 Dec

The tyranny of the “better than you”

Written By: Bob – Dec• 29•12

Last week, NBC’s Meet the Press personality David Gregory displayed a standard-capacity, 30-round, G.I.-issue, STANAG 4179-compatible, aluminum 5.56 rifle magazine on the air as part of a televised gun control harangue. This magazine is ubiquitous in most of the free United States, can generally be purchased for less than ten dollars when in stock… and crime to possess in NBC’s studio’s in the District of Columbia.

Violators are subject to a $1,000 fine and/or a year in prison.

The Metropolitan Police Department is charged with the responsibility to enforce the laws of Washington, D.C., and they have direct evidence that David Gregory flargrantly violated this law in a nationally televised broadcast. Furthermore, it appears that NBC knowingly violated this law, as representatives of the network allegedly asked the Metropolitan Police Department for permission to violate the law, was denied a variance, and committed the crime of bringing the magazine into the district anyway.

It has been a week since Gregory blatantly and willfully violated the law.

To date, Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier’s Department has refused to do their duty. It cannot be that Lanier is a fool. With multiple college degrees including two Master’s degrees, and a long career in law enforcement, she knows the laws of the District of Columbia as well as anyone, and better than most.

Lanier or her deputies should have had Gregory arrested on the spot last Sunday morning during or directly after the broadcast with the evidence still hot in his hands. They refused. they’ve since launched an “investigation,” a government euphemism for “oh crap, let’s see if we can stall our way out of this.”

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