gun control has been and is a failure, has been and always will hurt the law abiding, has been and always will be racist.

30 Dec

Gun control is about two priorities on the liberal agenda of folks like Senator Feinstein: (1) growing the power and scope of government and (2) restricting individual rights. It is not, never has been and never will be about making our country safer. disarming good people doesn’t protect them from bad people. or mexico would be paradise right now instead of a horrific shooting gallery where no one who is law abiding can own a gun but narco drug gangs and asundry criminals slaughter people indiscriminately in a war raging through mexico to the tune of thousands per year.

from ace of spades

Gun Control’s Self-Refuting Arguments

Damn Dirty Rino sent along a link to this great piece at PJM.

I personally believed in civilian disarmament until an acquaintance in law enforcement challenged my gun-banner’s assumptions with questions and points I could not rebut. This began a research journey limited only by my decision to exclude any data cited by the NRA. At the time, I was convinced only caring people like the Brady Campaign would present the truth.Surprisingly (to me, at the time), I found no dataset proving civilian disarmament made anybody safer.

In response to Ezra Klein’s report titled “Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States,” below are eight fictions about gun control.

Oh, did I mention it was a nut stomping of a piece by WaPo wunderkind Juicebox Klein? No? Well that’s just an added bonus, so read the whole thing.

This point really jumped out at me:

Fiction 3: “Gun Violence”“Gun violence” is a crafted phrase to induce people into associating guns with violence. Using Ezra Klein’s logic, Brady’s “A”-graded, low-gun states should be the safest. But when collated with CDC firearms murder rates, an inconvenient correlation appears: more gun control, higher black homicide, lower Caucasian homicide.

(Crime rates = incidents per 100,000 population.)One of the unpleasant realizations from my original research was my learning that the history of American gun control is that of racist oppression: banning sales to Indians in order to maintain dominance while grabbing land; ensuring free blacks remained as close to slaves as possible; disarming the Japanese before their internment during World War II.

Modern gun control still makes whites safer, while more blacks get murdered.

Gun control is racist. Tell all your liberal friends. Or acquaintances. Whatever. Also, somebody tell this clown.

Another good read by someone applying logic instead of emotion: A Reluctant Vote in Favor of Armed School Guards

Most Americans agree that dramatic steps must be taken to prevent the recurrence of a horrible event like that of Dec. 14, 2012. Just what steps should be taken is a matter of disagreement. After considerable thought I have sadly concluded that Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, is correct when he advocates for armed security in the country’s more than 100,000 schools….
What happened at Sandy Hook was not the failure to plan; it was the failure of the plan. The teachers and administrative staff executed their school district’s plan heroically in trying to save lives, some at the loss of their own. Police departments changed their policies after Columbine and now rush to the source of an incident inside a school building at great risk to themselves. But a major flaw in such plans persists to this day—namely that it takes just a few unguarded minutes for a catastrophe to unfold.

It’s really not that hard, is it? Like LaPierre said, the only thing that’ll stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

The only problem the left really has with this is that the proposal was made by the NRA. When Bill Clinton said largely the same thing after Columbine, it was the most brilliant thing ever.

finish at ace

from director blue, Doug Ross THE TOP 5 GUN CONTROL GRAPHS: The Gun-Grabbers’ Failed Policies Are Exposed by Their Own Data!

The very statistics and reports that the gun control crowd selectively market prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that “gun control” increases violence.

5. Violent crime rates tracked by “Right-to-Carry” (RTC) States vs. non-RTC. RTC states are significantly safer:


MOLON LABE!!!! ~ Come and Get Them

AR-15 Magazines, PMAGS Out of Stock Nationally – Ammo Dealer Puts Blame on ObamaOne national dealer left this message for customers.
(Warning on language)

Back in 2008 Barack Obama promised supporters:
“I’m not going to take your guns away. That just ain’t true.”

Gun Stats Liberals Don’t Want You To See

Obama “Skeptical” Guns In Schools Would Stop Another Massacre, Says “Vast Majority Of Americans” Agree With Him…

WRONG! Gallup found 64% of Americans agree with the NRA’s proposal to have armed guards in schools.

While the United States is number one for the average number of guns per person, it is much safer than some countries with strict gun control laws that deny citizens the right to arm themselves.

Compare these two maps. The first shows the number of guns in proportion to the population. The U.S. (darkest color) has far more guns than any other country. The second shows the number of homicides committed with a gun, again in proportion to the population.

(Click Image To Enlarge)
(Click Image To Enlarge)
Both interactive maps, along with the data used to compile the maps, can be located HERE.

Download and save the data HERE.

  1. Socratease

    “Isn’t it amazing that the same liberals who think it’s impossible to find 10 million illegal aliens and deport them, also think it’s entirely feasible to find 350 million guns and confiscate them? Even though guns don’t have to eat, or get medical care, or go to school, or find a job, all activities that would expose them to detection and seizure, they are somehow going to be easier to find than living and breathing illegals who do.

    But, remember: They’re “reality-based” thinkers!”

    Why Cuomo’s Nutty Gun Confiscation Plan Will Never Work

    Posted by on Dec 24, 2012 at 8:19 am

    Now that the idiot Governor of New York brought up the ridiculous idea of confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens, the harsh reality that the state is broke has put a crimp in his plans.

    Gun Control and the Long Night of Tyranny: a Cuban Exile Speaks

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