how disturbing and creepy….this disturbing and creepy

23 Jan

I saw this all coming over the years but they encapsulated the creepiness of barky and his koolaid drinking followers nicely.

American Idolatry: CNN Anchor Reveals Fact He’s Written a Letter to Obama Every Single Day For the Past Four Years

From Ed Driscoll (with further thoughts, this story now appearing at Commentary.

Over the weekend, CNN anchor and reporter Tom Foreman wrote a piece for CNN’s website explaining the genesis of a tradition he has kept for the last four years. He was absolutely correct that his behavior required an explanation, but the one he provided was far from adequate. Foreman has been writing President Obama a letter every single day of Obama’s first term. Some letters offered Obama advice, while others explained to Obama why Foreman rarely buys a lottery ticket. Some talked about his family, others about sports. He wondered whether Obama had read any of the 1,460 letters, and he asked the president to call if he got the chance. Some demonstrated Foreman’s lack of self-awareness more clearly than others…


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