bob owens shows this “law” is intended to create felons from law abiding citizens, this is draconian and treasonous

08 Apr

Senate “background checks” are anything but; ban anyone but owner from touching gun at almost any time

Written By: Bob Apr• 08•13

You’re a young woman at home when you hear a knock at the front door. You aren’t expecting anyone and ignore it, thinking it might be an uninvited sales call. Several minutes later you hear the back door rattle, and your heart starts pounding. You run to your bedroom and pick up the double-barrel shotgun our Uncle Joe let you borrow, check to make sure the gun is loaded, and point it at the door.

You call 911, and wait in the corner of a locked bedroom with your gun trained on the door as you hear the thief rummaging downstairs. A miracle happens; an officer was in the neighborhood, and catches the thief red-handed.

Your defense attorney tells you that the young felon who broke into your home was charged with breaking and entering, and he’s already back on the street. You’re facing five years in prison for having your Uncle Joe’s shotgun.

You would have also faced the same charge if you had been shooting Uncle Joe’s shotgun on his farm, borrowed it to go hunting, touched a handgun at a gun safety class, or examined a firearm at a gun store.

Does that sound completely insane?

It is, but that is precisely what will happen under the Bloomberg-written Senate background check legislation being pursued by Democrat Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid, called S.649, the so-called “Fix Gun Checks Act.”

Far from just  background checks, the law bans the most common sorts of short-term “transfer,” from shooters at firing ranges “test-driving” their fellow shooters guns, to loaning a friend a firearm, to the scenario cited above, picking up a firearm to defend your life.

The goal, as firearms expert and constitutional law professor Dave Kopel explains, is turning gun owners into felons.

Any Democrat in the Senate who votes for this bill is aware of its provisions, and if they don’t, it is your job to get on the phone with them and burn up their emails until they do.

Anyone who votes for this bill is voting for the most draconian gun regulation to ever been presented in the United States Senate, designed to gut the heart of the Second Amendment. This bill it poison. this bill is treason.

Let your Senator know that you are aware of this fact, and you will hold them accountable.

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