orwellian babble being tought as to who should be considered extremists

08 Apr

In The Future Everyone Will be Extremists—-jawa report

An Army Reserve training poster lists various types of extremists. Including the usual, al-Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood whom the Obama administration called mostly secular.

Also included the world’s 1.18 billion Catholics and of course Islamophobes…. those are people who have an irrational fear of having their head sloppily chopped off with a butcher knife.

Hot Air: This one earns the coveted Duke University triple facepalm, the highest honor we can award for self-beclowning. An Army Reserve training class attempted to instruct soldiers on the various extremist groups of the world, dutifully noting al-”Quaeda,” with with the US armed forces are at war, and Hamas, which the State Department lists as a terrorist organization. Both of those, however, come below a couple of extremist groups so fringe that only about 60 million Americans count themselves among their ranks:army-extremism.jpgOne does have to be amused, however, at the last entry on the list — “Islamophobia”. That follows a half-dozen references to various Islamist groups, including one that the Obama administration is currently attempting to engage (the Muslim Brotherhood), and “Sunni Muslims” — without any other qualifiers. I imagine the Shi’ites appreciate that conclusion…

and from ace

US Army Reserve Teaching Material: Religious Extremists Include the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Mormons


Note that the materials don’t say “Islam” broadly; in the case of Islam, the religion itself appears to be “non-extremist.” The materials do name a specific political expression of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, to be extreme. But not the whole religion, certainly; Just A Few Bad Apples.

I suppose I understand the reasons for that.

But then I’m having trouble understanding why “Evangelical Christianity” and “Catholicism” are listed as “extreme.” Not just some fringe political groups which might adhere to those religions (though a few of those are also named), but the whole of the religions.

Note that while “Islam” is not listed as a broadly-extremist religion (though Sunnism is– ?), “Islamaphobia” is cited as an “extremist religion.”

Social privilege is what I call (probably others call it this too) the general unthinking positive treatment that some statements are granted. Some statements are socially privileged — politically correct — and thus are a very good guide for the stupid, because you can generally not lose your job for saying incredibly stupid things, so long as those incredibly stupid things are socially privileged stupid things.

In drafting this idiot-show, the dummies figured, correctly, that it attacking all of Christianity as a bunch of raving lunatics is a socially privileged position in a way that attacking all of Islam is quite clearly not.

So long as your stupidities are directed against the correct socially-disfavored group (“God I hate white people, we’re so lame!”), you can generally say whatever stupid thing that pops into your head, without fear of consequence.

We’ll see if that general rule holds here.

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