teaching our children to be slaves, teaching them up is down dark is light right is wrong.

14 Apr

Teacher Makes Fourth Grader Write, “I’m Willing To Give Up Some Of My Constitutional Rights…To Be Safer”

The indoctrination continues…

Via Yahoo News:

The words are written in crayon, in the haphazard bumpiness of a child’s scrawl.

“I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

They’re the words that Florida father Aaron Harvey was stunned to find his fourth-grade son had written, after a lesson in school about the Constitution.

Aaron Harvey’s son wrote as part of a school lesson, “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.” The Blaze has redacted the child’s name.

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Colleges And Universities Becoming Freedom-Free Zones

Over at FIRE, they talk about students “unlearning liberty” Well, three recent examples show just how true that is.

Let’s start at George Washington University in Washington, DC, for the first example. Students are seeking to have the university force the Archdiocese of Washington remove the priest at the Newman Center — because he insists on preaching Catholic doctrine from the pulpit at the Catholic student center!

Two gay seniors who said they felt alienated by the Newman Center’s controversial priest will launch a campaign this week to force him off campus.At least a dozen students, including seniors Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen, say they have left the Newman Center in the last several years because Father Greg Shaffer’s strong anti-gay and anti-abortion views are too polarizing. Shaffer, a Roman Catholic priest, has spent five years preaching to GW students.

The former Newman Center members are creating a video with testimony from 10 other Catholic students, who cite Shaffer as the reason they left the chapel, hoping to inflame a largely liberal campus and force University administrators to act. Legacy and Bergen also plan to file a formal complaint with the University and hold prayer vigils outside the Newman Center until Shaffer is removed.

Now I’m sympathetic to college students not liking the priest at their campus Newman Center. When I was a student at Illinois State University in the mid-1980s, a large portion of the student body would drive or hike a couple of miles to reach the nearest local parish because the chaplain at the Newman Center had turned it into the home for every left-wing political organization in town. But none of us would have ever dreamed of getting the university involved in the matter — which was ultimately over a question of theology. That these students at GWU are seeking to purge a Catholic priest for preaching Catholic doctrine at a Catholic facility is evidence of what many of us have warned for years — that political correctness, especially with regard to issues of sexual orientation, are a threat to the religious liberty of ever believer who dissents from the liberal dogmas of the day.

And then there is the issue of forced political activism at a university here in Texas –– and the university’s blatant failure to investigate the charges in their rush to clear the professor.

A professor at a public university in Texas is under investigation from school administrators for allegedly forcing students in her graphic design class to create anti-gun posters for a personal anti-gun campaign she had launched.Midwestern State University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Betty Stewart confirmed to Campus Reform Friday the school has launched an investigation into professor Jennifer Yucus’ conduct after a student filed an official complaint on Thursday.

According to the complaint, obtained by Campus Reform, the professor compelled students in her graphic design class to create artwork opposing firearms on campus and opposing pro-gun legislation currently pending before the Texas state legislature.

Never mind that a student might disagree with the position mandated by the professor — their grade depended giving aid and comfort to the professor’s efforts to keep Americans from exercising their civil rights. And while the university claims to have investigated and cleared the professor, their investigation appears to have been something of a farce, having been completed without interviewing the student who filed the complaint or other members of the class.

The so-called investigation, however, was apparently concluded without consulting the student who filed the initial complaint, Campus Reform has learned.The school’s public affairs office fired off an email moments before closing on Wednesday announcing Prof. Jennifer Yucus had been cleared of accusations of wrongdoing.

“It is the opinion of the administration that this issue has been resolved satisfactorily and with the professor’s full cooperation,” read the statement.

The student, who filed the complaint, told Campus Reform on Wednesday evening he had never been contacted by university officials regarding his complaint.

While the university claims there was an alternative assignment, students in the class have no recollection of another option being offered. Then again, would any student truly feel safe taking that option, given the professor’s stated intention of using the projects for her own political purposes (an unethical act no matter how you slice it)?

And then there is the effort at University of Southern California to teach students how to suppress voter participation — white Republican voters, of course — while accusing Republicans of being racists.

A professor at the University of Southern California (USC) appears to have used a fall semester 2012 political science class to deliver sustained and angered attacks on Republicans, who he characterized as old, white, racist, and “losers.”In a 15 min. video secretly captured by USC student Tyler Talgo, political science Professor Darry Sragow also appears to endorse the illegal suppression of Republican votes.

“You lose their information on the election in the mail,” he suggested when a student asked him how to keep Republicans from voting. “I mean there is lots of ways to do it [SIC].”

A teaching assistant (TA), who also appeared to work for the university, then seemed to suggest Black Panthers could be placed at polling stations to intimidate Republican voters.

Rather than rebuking the TA, Sragow appeared to confirm the suggestion.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said. “You can do that.”

Imagine if a Republican professor offered a similar suggestion for suppressing Democrat votes. That professor would have been fired faster than one could say “double standard”.

So yes, our institutions of higher learning are now institutions of higher indoctrination — and academic freedom has become a means of attacking the civil liberties of Americans in the name of promoting liberal causes.

Pro-Infanticide Princeton Professor Seeks To Grant “Non-Human” Animals Personhood…

The same professor who thinks babies aren’t human until they’ve been out of the womb for 30 days is seeking “personhood” for lizards and dogs.

NEW HAVEN, CT, April 16, 2013 ( – Move over Personhood USA, there’s another personhood movement in town: except this one isn’t seeking to grant personhood rights to unborn human beings, but to apes and elephants.

Yale University is organizing a conference on “Personhood Beyond the Human” for December 6-8, 2013. It will feature, among other proponents of personhood rights for animals, notorious infanticide and bestiality-promoting ethicist Peter Singer.

The conference is co-sponsored by the animal rights group Nonhuman Rights Project and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, in collaboration with the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics and the Yale Animal Ethics Group.

“The event will focus on personhood for nonhuman animals, including great apes, cetaceans, and elephants, and will explore the evolving notions of personhood by analyzing them through the frameworks of neuroscience, behavioral science, philosophy, ethics, and law,” reads a description of the conference on its website.

“Special consideration will be given to discussions of nonhuman animal personhood, both in terms of understanding the history, science, and philosophy behind personhood, and ways to protect animal interests through the establishment of legal precedents and by increasing public awareness.”

Peter Singer, who has been labeled Australia’s “most notorious messenger of death” by the Catholic archbishop of his hometown of Melbourne, has served as Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University since 1999.

He is infamous for saying that no newborn should be considered a person until 30 days after birth and that the attending physician should kill disabled babies on the spot. Singer agreed with South African philosopher David Benatar who postulated that humanity should sterilize itself into extinction.

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