why the gun control bill lost

21 Apr

Quote of the Day


Here’s why the gun control bill lost in the Senate:

You say “Gun control.”  I hear, “We want you to defend yourself against a man who is a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier with your bare hands.”
You say “Common sense regulations.”  I hear, “We don’t like these cosmetic features, like an adjustable stock or a foregrip, that make it easier for a woman to use.”
You say, “If it saves just one life.”  I hear “Except yours, you stupid bitch. We’d rather you get raped and murdered while waiting for the police to arrive.”
You say, “Think about the children.”  I hear “But not yours. We won’t let you defend them, and if we find out you have a gun in the same house as a child, we’ll take them both away.”
You say, “Compromise.”  I say, “Fuck you, you mewling cowards. I will not embrace victimhood. I will not willingly disarm. If you demand I give up my life just to make you feel better, you are selfish on a level that is beyond comprehension.”


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