we have become a “game preserve park for infidel hunts”

23 Apr

“why we’re so tight with the Saudis,  The dollar is the world’s reserve currency BECAUSE of our agreement with the Saudis that they’ll only accept dollars for oil. Now, it’s biting us in the butt, because if the US Dollar stops being the world’s reserve currency, it will immediately become worthless and our economy (and social cohesiveness) will be destroyed. The Saudis now have us over a barrel and we (and our president) must bow to them”,

what is in store for you if muslims and islam gain the upper hand in any area. what it means to fight back

even while they are practicing their jihad duties to kill infidels. we have become a “game preserve park for infidel hunts” and it is sanctioned at the highest levels.


that is why they are saying these islamic jihaad terrorists worked alone, and islam shouldnt be considered in the equation, (who knows why they (the boston bombers) might have done it say government officials and media elites) even with evidence they had connections to jihaadist muslims outside the US. and with possible handler connections to saudis here, and before the bodies are cold, the saudis are being sent on their merry way, their is nothing to see, move along sheep, graze somewhere else, only a few on the game preserve were culled by muslim jihaadis on jihaadi safari from saudi arabia and chechnya. be tolerant, islam is a religion of peace, forget that we have now been attacked by muslims practicing a core tenant of their faith (violent jihaad to kill infidels, because killing infidels is a core requirement of islam)
no, dont look behind the curtain, instead parrot the party elite line, that this could have come from any religion, except it hasnt and doesnt, can anyone tally up dozens of mass murderous attacks by self professed christians screaming JESUS IS LORD! while blowing people up or cutting off heads? how bout Buddhists? yeah, not so much huh?

our elites have decided to allow us to be sacrificed on the alter of baal in a multitude of ways as long as they retain power. the pagan demon god alter of multi cultural tolerance, as well as the alter of abortion and the alter of green “socialist dystopia” energy policies, the alter of secular leftism and global warming pocket picking socialist national wealth transfer scheme that is really a religion that tolerates no others, (except for islam which they use as a cudgel to beat down traditional western culture.
you will bow your head and accept the religion of gay marriage, gay scout leaders and transgendered males using the little girls room and lockerr oom where your daughter goes to school, if you dont you are a heretic and the full weight of the law will decend on you for not following the new idols and religion.
you will not be alarmed by being blown up by muslims, and you wont be alarmed by the ever expanding police state that says we are all potential criminals especially if we are traditional in our beliefs and adherance to the constitution. we are the real enemy according to our elites and we are the ones to whom somehow blame must always be tied for all atrocities now and for ever. leftist bombers and muslim fanatics are just misguided and we need to afford them understanding and apologies for looking at them with alarm and mistrust every time thier “community” attacks and kills the rest of us.


Geraldo Rivera Apologies To Muslims For Boston Bombing

Because “Islamophopbia” is so much more horrible than this

GeraldoTweet.jpgHow inconsiderate and evil it was of Boston to aggravate Muslim lives.

Official: FBI’s Decision To Scrub Islam From Counterterrorism Documents Hampered Probe Into Boston Terrorists…

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Made Repeated Visits To Notorious Salafist Mosque In Dagestan…

CAIR Accuses Adam Carolla Of “Islamophobia” For Saying Islamists “Hate Our Culture”…

Georgetown Professor On MSNBC: Tamerlan Tsarnaev Motivated As Much By Rap Music As Jihad…

Tingles Runs Interference For Jihad: “What Difference Does It Make” If The Boston Bombers Were Motivated By Islam?…

Obama’s Former DHS Nominee: Boston Bombers Are Murderers Not Terrorists (Video)

Mainstream Shame: Will Liberal Media Apologize For Outrageous Comments From Last Week?

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was 5th Person Since 9-11 to Participate in Terrorist Activities Despite Being Under Federal Investigation

MSNBC Nut: Tsarnaev Brothers’ Muslim Faith About as Relevant to Investigation Now as Ben Affleck Movies About Violence in Boston

Here We Go… Sen. Feinstein Accuses GOP Rep. Peter King of Islamophobia After Boston Bombings (Video)

Senator Feinstein: Watertown Citizens Don’t Need “Assault Weapons” (Video)

Bill Maher: Comparing Islamic Violence to Christianity Is “Liberal Bullsh*t” (Video)

After Four Days of Speculatively Blaming the Right and Anticipating What Poltical Solutions We Might Need To Address Their Growing Menace, Left Declares That the Time for Speculation and Political Wargaming Has Passed

BIDEN: Corn Syrup, Coal Power More Dangerous Than Terrorism


Ellison: Peter King Calling For Increased Surveillance Of Potential Muslim Terrorists “Ridiculous”…

MSNBC Über-Hack Andrea Mitchell Frets Over Non-Existent “Backlash” Against Muslims Following Boston Terror Attack…

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-CAIR) On Boston Terror Attack: Let’s Not “Jump To The Conclusion That There Was Any Religious Motivation Here”…

Michael Moore’s Continuing Epic Fail -Tweets Sympathetic Comments About Dzhokhar And Tamerlen Tsarnaev

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