we have become a “game preserve park for infidel hunts” III

25 Apr

Rep. Tom Cotton Blasts Obama: “Five Jihadists Have Reached Their Targets in the US Under Barack Obama” (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 6:06 PM

Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) went to the House floor and delivered a scathing review of the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism policies and programs.
“Five jihadists have reached their targets in the United States under Barack Obama.”

The Weekly Standard has the transcript:

“I rise today to express grave doubts about the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism policies and programs. Counterterrorism is often shrouded in secrecy, as it should be, so let us judge by the results. In barely four years in office, five jihadists have reached their targets in the United States under Barack Obama: the Boston Marathon bomber, the underwear bomber, the Times Square Bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, and in my own state—the Little Rock recruiting office shooter. In the over seven years after 9/11 under George W. Bush, how many terrorists reached their target in the United States? Zero!

We need to ask, ‘Why is the Obama Administration failing in its mission to stop terrorism before it reaches its targets in the United States?’”

Confirmed: Both FBI and CIA Were Tipped Off By Russia About Radicalization of Tamerlan Tsarnaev (Video)

Rudy Giuliani: Obama Has Put the US Back to ‘Worse Than’ a Pre-9-11 Mentality (Video)

Michelle Obama Visited Saudi “Person of Interest” in Hospital… Skipped US Man Who Lost Both Legs

Michelle Obama reportedly visited Saudi national al-Harbi at the hospital in Boston… But, she skipped Jeff Bauman – the American who lost both legs in the Boston Marathon blasts.
Jeff helped US officials identify the bombers.
mo saudi

The rest of America appreciated his efforts. He has received over $360,000 in online donations since the terrorist attack.
** You can donate to Jeff Bauman here.

Hamas TV Has Children Extol Virtues Of Jihad, Desire To Blow Themselves Up…

Boston Terrorist “Angry The World Pictures Islam As A Violent Religion”…

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Got Massachusetts Welfare Benefits…

soon they will be blowing us up using the obama phones we give them.

the real message to the world,~~come for the welfare, stay for the infidel killing!!

Can a President Who Has Promised to Stand with the Muslims Protect Americans?

By Lauri B. Regan

In Obama’s Audacity of Hope, he insinuated that he would stand with Muslim Americans should the political winds shift in any ugly direction.”  He also asserted in Bob Woodward’s Obama’s Wars, “We can absorb [another] terrorist attack.”  These are two straightforward statements that raise the question of whether a man who has been seemingly obsessed with reaching out to “the Muslim world” since taking office is capable of fulfilling his duty as commander-in-chief to keep America safe and secure.

The negative implications of Obama’s time in office will be felt for decades, but one thing is clear. The U.S. President who does not recognize America’s exceptionalism and who has promised to stand with Muslims has been unable to keep Americans safe from Islamic terror — both at home and abroad.  Asserting that “The Obama Years are Synonymous with Terrorism,” a recent IBD editorial chronicled the terrorist attacks, both failed and successful, during Obama’s term.  From Little Rock and Ft. Hood to Benghazi and Boston, terrorism directed at Americans is far from waning despite Obama’s never-ending claims of al-Qaeda’s decimation.  And unless Obama’s policies of appeasement, political correctness, government dependency, leading from behind, and willful ignorance regarding the Islamic threat to the West will lead to further terrorism.

Obama did not create the Islamist ideology that has fed the fervor of modern-day terrorism.  But from his Cairo speech through his speech Monday night just after the Boston bombings, in which he refused to call the attacks terrorism (he conceded the point the following day), he has made it clear that he does not believe that terrorism is a continuing threat to the lives and safety of Americans.  His refusal to use the terms “War on Terror” and “Islamic fundamentalism” are just examples of a belief either that he can wish away evil or that evil simply does not exist.  But what the country needs is a president who understands Islamic jihad for what it is — the totalitarian, fundamentalist dogma that drives the violence perpetrated by those who have waged holy war on the West.  And Obama has yet to give us any indication that he understands these very real threats, or that he is interested in, and capable of, protecting us from them.

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Jihad Blows Up the Liberal Utopia

Politico Ignores Dzhokhar’s Pro-Obama Tweets, Reports No Obvious ‘Political Outlook’ of Tsarnaevs: NB

Obama’s body language tells more about him than his lofty words: CFP

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