British police, kapos? look it up

26 Apr

from zilla Armed Islamic Supremacists Attempt to Terrorize Englishman’s Family At His Home – Police Arrest Englishman

On Monday night, an armed mob of islamic supremacist thugs showed up at the home of Tommy Robinson in an attempt to terrorize him and his family. British police showed up on the scene and without even bothering to search or question the armed mob of islamic supremacist thugs, they arrested their intended victim. I’ve Continue Reading

second class citizenship for native Brits is already here. couple that with welfare for immigrants many who are polygamous and hate the host nation and we are raising feeding and nurturing the cancerous army of haters who will destroy western civilization.

as evidenced by the muslim parasites from chechnya who were on welfare while plotting to murder us. they hate us, consider us subhuman, plot against us, contributing nothing to our society but strife all the while taking our money.

Exposing how British based Muslims play the system and reap the benefit rewards by having Multiple wives, ~~~~~~or how we are well and truly fucked by our treasonous political elites across the western world and the orcs they are importing to replace us.

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