compare and contrast, who is the enemy? aparently law abiding american citizens not radical muslims

02 May

from sipsey street irregulars Well, of course it does.

“DHS Training Video Uses Gun Owners, Not Radical Muslims, to Depict Those Planning Terrorist Attacks.”

The thing is, if WE are their self-declared enemy, then THEY can’t object if we treat them in kind, now can they?

Note To The Left: 30 Of The 31 FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists Are Muslim…

The only non-Muslim is lefty eco-terrorist Daniel Andreas San Diego.

Full FBI list here.

Via AoS’ Gabriel Malor who adds:

It’s easy to stand in front of a malleable press corps and claim that terrorism is not the exclusive domain of Islam, but when it comes to actual facts, they haven’t arrived at manufacturing charges….yet.

got that average american?! see that? you want to know why they dont see the muslim terrorist as a threat? because they are NOT a threat to our political elites power. but we are. you cant shine a light on those trying to harm this nation becuase that would be racist, islamaphobic and mean, and it would make muslims feal bad.

demonize and scapegoat americans and american culture, a-ok.

so to re-cap this is an appropriate

target for homeland security~~the real face of islam and what is coming for you the non muslim


                                                                                                                         this is not

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