statism tyranny

12 May

we are there.

our government has grown to the point that its boot is on the neck of just about everything you can think of.

we have gone over the curve, we now have less people self employed than in any time in our history, less freedom. less prosperity,  less of everything, except government. we have more of that. is anyone surprised that as we have been forced to be smaller the government has grown larger? the leach class now believes they own us and our labors. they are entitled to take anything and everything from us as they see fit. its our job to produce and they because they are our elite masters, it is to them to have any and all that they want.including all the descisions in our lives about us our children, our property, our businesses.

the government the democrat party, the university sytem and our enemedia are all one. they serve the same purpose and that purpose is to expand government and the leftist religion. leftism is the state religion and it will brook no dissent and no other religion. well, except islam.

the IRS, has been putting a boot on the neck of any political citizens groups opposed to government growth at the expense of its citizenry, it has been defending the democrat party and the government and attacking political enemies.

the enemedia has done everything they can to protect the obama administration becuase they are an arm of the democrat party

CBS News President, Brother of Obama National Security Official

the IRS has been doing the same because they are an arm of the democrat party.

they push an agenda a religious edict of political correctness. step outside the boundaries of the new leftist political correctness statist religion and you WILL suffer the consequences. but in the real world the consequences of allowing political correctness to reign is horrific things like bengazi, or the tsarnev brothers blowing up the boston marothon while collecting welfare and using their welfare ebt cards to buy the components with which to kill us

Obama’s Disrespect & Prince Harry’s Respect

White House invited Muslim Cleric used the funeral of the Seal Team 6 to condemn and desecrate our soldiers:

The Rise and Fall of Pretty Much Everyone

Protein Wisdom:

I realize we’re all supposed to pretend that we don’t recognize the enormous and surreal contradictions that are each and every day foisted on us by a cynical, self-serving government that drafts and forces upon us policy based on a rhetorical cocktail of emotional appeals and divisive identity politics, garnished with the tripartite tactic of shame, malign, and shun — everyone everyday is, at any given moment, either a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, nativist, chauvenist, misogynist, misandrist, ageist, or science denier — a person who wants to punish autistic children, destroy the atmosphere, pollute the ground water, deny the dignity of life to silverfish and chickens, allow instruments of death to wonder the street military-style, where of their own volition they mow down defenseless toddlers — and the only way to avoid this, the only path to redemption, is to embrace the anti-foundationalism of the statists and learn to burnish your personal bona fides by adopting their ideological line.

We as a nation have been so at war with ourselves for so long that now, at last, none of us are fit to hold even a shovel, lest we do evil with it. Our only hope for redemption lies somewhere behind a ordinary looking door in an ordinary government building labeled with a rather ordinary looking Room 101. Where our colorless pre-approved hopes and dreams can installed by committee.

Road To Fascism Checklist


Charismatic Leader – Check.


Citizen Informants – Check.

Read More “Road To Fascism Checklist”

Kirsten Powers: There is Something “Fundamentally Really, Really Wrong With Our Media”…. Both ABC and CBS Presidents Have Siblings That Work For Obama 

“I guess the only hope we have to end media-White House incest is hemophilia.”

“Apparently the purpose of Washington is to interbreed government and media into on gigantic, immortal invincible asshole.”

White House Holds Secret “Off The Record” Team Huddle With Reporters Before Benghazi Press Briefing

9 May

Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.

Breaking: Senior IRS Officials Knew Agents Were Targeting Conservatives Since 2011 – IRS Commissioner Denied It in 2012

Top Obama Official’s Brother Is President Of CBS News, Who May Drop Reporter Doing Investigative Work On Benghazi

“First They Came For The Tea Partiers, Then They Came For The Jews”

10 Top Crazy Intrusive Things The IRS Asked Tea Party Groups Applying For Tax Exempt Status

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Bevy of Domestic Terrorists Teaching at College: RSM

Associated Press: Teen immigrant angst, not radical militant Islam, to blame for Boston bombings: AIM

Petraeus was frustrated with Benghazi talking points that removed all mention of jihadist involvement: JihadWatch

Benghazi hearings in the Mirror Universe: RS

What the Families of SEAL Team 6, Slain in Chopper Crash, Allege: Blaze

AP taunts GOP: You can’t make us turn on Hillary, suckers: CFP

SCANDAL VS. SCANDAL: A Media Retrospective #Benghazi

12 Terrorists Who Are Now University Professors: ViralRead

Obama Administration: Mother of Murdered son in Benghazi is NOT a ‘member of immediate family’: Shoebat

8 journalists who downplayed the Benghazi scandal: RedAlert
Greg Gutfeld wins quote of the day: ‘The media is Obama’s scandal condom’: Twitchy

Fox’s Jesse Watters Tracks Down Cop Killer Kathy Boudin At Her Job At Columbia University: WZ

Multiculti U.

Benghazi Hall of Shame

Remembering the officials and commentators who inaccurately blamed a murderous attack at least in part on an obscure YouTube trailer.

Obama Admin Helps Hide Dzhokhar’s Financial Records

LA pit bull attack shows savage consequences of citizen disarmament

Common Core GED textbook: “9/11 hijackers were poor Afghanis”: Cube

Biometric Database of All Adults Hidden in Amnesty Bill: Wired

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