portrait of a bad american

13 May

A savior was born at the White House, he speaketh to us:


wh_twitter_dearleader.jpgCarry on and remember there are no red states or blue states but the United States of Bronco Bama and our dear leader Bronco Bama has the Presidential Seal of the fallen Eagle to prove it.

Update: Dear leaders White House twitter account’s background image has a fallen Eagle as in upside down.

Don’t see it? Well then look below the fold:


barky has himself anointed as the “north star.

the demonrat party denies God three times at the convention.

news of late term abortion has reached a fever pitch showing the perpetrators virtually sacrificing the infants, sometimes even mocking God and the bible while in the middle of the act.

obama sees no problem with these human sacrifices and calls on God (which god I dont know) to bless planned parenthood for the service of killing full term crying babies.

barky lies about bengazi pinning it on a video critical of islam and the monster mohamid, saying at the UN~~~“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

he said that knowing it had nothing to do with bengazi. let that sink in. he elevated islam above all else with that qoute.

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