and here is how islam keeps down disension in the ranks

12 Jun

UK: Muslim Man Attacks Two Fellow Muslims With A Knife After They Voiced Sympathy For British Soldier Hacked To Death By Jihadists…



But… but… but… multiculturalism!


A MAN is facing court over claims he slashed two friends when they sympathised with murdered soldier Lee Rigby.


Ziko Sulliman – from Sudan – is said to have attacked his friends as they chatted days after the gunner’s death.


Sulliman appeared in court today (June 6) on charges of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm, wounding and having a blade.


The 27-year-old, of Aire Street, Middlesbrough, did not enter any pleas during the five-minute hearing at Teesside Crown Court.


Defence solicitor Andrew Teate said: “He requires an Arabic interpreter and there is no doubt he will need that interpretation for at least the next hearing and then a trial or sentencing exercise.


One of Sulliman’s alleged victims, Zakaria Hamed, suffered a three-inch wound to his cheek and was stabbed in the leg.


And the other, Khalid Osman, is said to have been slashed across the hand.

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yeah… islam is dangerous not only to us infidels it is just as dangerous to other muslims. it is like the mafia and it has its enforcers. read this article about how islam keeps dissent in line.

aaah Britania you had a long run. you better go make friends with some of the irish and get a tutorial on smuggling arms into england like the IRA did into ireland, at some point you will need them. your polimasters have sold you down the Thames.

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