the best value in building a shtf arm right now.

12 Jun

I recently acquired a new frontier lower receiver. they are the latest generation of polymer lowers for ar-15’s

LW-15 Complete Polymer Lower

LW-15 Complete

at 135 bucks this is a fine start for a preparedness build. Ive owned a glock for almost 20 years and that is polymer so im not swayed by the hey its plastic it must be junk argument. the savings if you are on a very tight budget is dramatic. at 135 you get the lower, the fire control group pistol grip, and 6 position stock. any other build all of these parts to make a complete lower may run you 300-400 bucks, then a decent upper comes in between 600 complete and 1,000.  that means if your lucky and find a decent utilitarian upper in the 600 range you could build out a rifle for under 800 bucks. this when most ar rifles are selling for around 1,200-1800 bucks right now.

ive pinned a 16″ stag arms upper with a flip up rear and standard front sight on it for 600 bucks, added some magpul polymer magazines and now it needs to get tested and zero’ed in. more pics and test report to follow.


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