the U.K. machine shops. networking and preparing, and when will be the next human sacrifice

12 Jun

for the sake of argument im going to run some hypothetical what ifs.

what if it came to actual civil war such as the yugoslavians experienced? not possible? what do you call it when a brit soldier gets his head sawn off on a london street?  london WILL be majority muslim soon then what?

you better figure out how to start arming up. you better start making friends with people who work in machine shops,

you better start organizing. make friends with some poles, I know you have a lot of polish immigrants in the UK, start there and figure out how to make contacts for getting old soviet ammo and parts, break and make your own recievers to put the paets together. for instance here you can buy unfinished reciever flats for ak’s or 80% finished recievers for ar’s and mill out the last 20% yourself.

you know, imjust spit ballin here and maybe I got this figured all wrong, but im lookin 10 years out and im seeing a whole lot of native brits gettin cought flat footed if the followers of the religion of peace start taking over chunks of the UK the same as was done in Lebanon. Lebanon did not have a majority of muslims at one time either, then they grew and grew and “civil war” then what was once the french riviera of the middle east turned into just another muslim shit hole.

just sayin….

network with returning vets, start reading up on firearms and guerrilla warfare, you may need it some day.

once I was linked by a native brit who laughed and laughed at my unapologetic stance against “multiculturalism” islam, and the growing threat it posed to the UK, I would find the link but it was a few years ago. basically they thought I was an alarmist and foolish and everyone got on just fine.theyignored all the evidence and instead spent all their time laughing at my grammer.

I wonder if those buffoons still have their heads in the arses after rigby…..

I think you have ten years. ten years before open warfare. get it together now. the celts didnt get it when the romans invaded. the the brits who saw the saxons invade didnt see it until it was too late and then  the normans.

well youve had a long happy run but now the latest invaders are here and they are called the muslims. they have brought their human sacrifice death cult with them and the first outright human sacrifice to thier demongod. they danced in orgasmic savage delight and it went off without a hitch.

you think that was the last sacrifice? your really lying to yourself now aren’t you.

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