power struggle?

29 Jul

Black Author Terry McMillan: White Men Shoot Black Boys ‘To Show Who Has the Power’

“I think a lot of white men are afraid of and intimidated by black boys
and black men. Shooting them is one way to show who has the power.”

and when black boys put a gun barrel to this white babies face and blew his brains out what does that show terry?

were they taking back the power from the man?

were they dishing out some well deserved social justice?

there is nothing quite so evil and dangerous as someone who lives wrapped up in mantle of aggrieved

victim class.

they must be just trying to take back the power huh?

just sticking it to the man?

and when they attack and beat a man in  groups till they break bones and jaws? dishing out some social justice?

by the way the numbers show a scant amount of black men murdered by whites, whereas the number of whites and hispanics murdered by black men is well out of proportion to the actual population of black males.

Heather MacDonald reported:

If a black parent wants to radically reduce his son’s chance of getting shot, he should live in a white neighborhood. New York’s crime profile is typical of urban-crime disparities across the country. The per capita shooting rate in predominantly black Brownsville, Brooklyn, is 81 times higher than that of predominantly white and Asian Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, according to the New York Police Department. Blacks in 2012 committed about 75 percent of all shootings in New York, and whites a little over 2 percent, though blacks are 23 percent of the city’s population and whites 35 percent. Blacks are 60 percent of the city’s homicide victims. Their killers? They aren’t white.

The picture is the same nationally. Black males between the ages of 14 and 24 committed homicide at ten times the rate of white and Hispanic males combined in the same age category in 2008, resulting in a homicide victimization rate nearly as disproportionate. As for interracial crime, black homicide offenders in 2010 had nearly three times the absolute number of white and Hispanic victims as there were black victims of white and Hispanic homicide offenders, despite blacks’ much lower population numbers.

so as you can see by the numbers it is a myth that white racists are murdering black men and boys. it is however aparent that an epidemic of racial beatings and murders are being commited by black men and boys.

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