police shoot and kill 95 year old man

07 Aug

from jawa report comes this disturbing and shameful story.

and the militarization of our police from peace officers to merciless death dealing arms of the state continues.

some one in the Po Po wanna try to explain to me why they needed to go into this old mans room at the senior center with fucking riot shields and tase him then shoot him with bean bag rounds?  instead of say, acting like men capable of dealing with a 95 YEAR OLD MAN????  they couldnt come up with a plan that didnt involve swat like action and fucking riot shields?  un fucking real.

these are not men, they are not police officers. they are storm troopers and fools and they should be ashamed of themselves.

this man served in ww2 fighting the japanese lived a long life only to be killed by cowards on the police force using a fucking riot shield stack and pack to invade his room and cut him down? he was shot while sitting in a chair. these cowards are claiming he had a knife.

Where did the calm peace officer of yesteryear go? The one who arrived to De-escalate the situation not be the reason it goes from bad to worse. From minor to deadly. Who are these villains under color of law who collectively believe it’s a good idea to kill at the slightest provocation?

What kind of losers needs to stack and pack with a 95 year old man?

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One response to “police shoot and kill 95 year old man

  1. el Duderino

    September 8, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    When I was in college I worked security at a big office building in Hartford. One night we had this crazy old lady causing problems who wouldn’t leave, so we called the HPD. Some young kid with a crew cut rolls up, hops out of his car and I begin to dread what I think I’m about to see. The young cop says to the old crazy lady “Janey, are these guys giving you a problem?” and gets between her and the security guards as if he’s protecting her from us. Long story, short, the young cop got the woman into his car and away to a shelter and made it seem to her like it was her idea – in about a minute and a half. Problem solved, no one hurt and the poor crazy old bat wasn’t roughed up in the slightest, on the contrary she thought the police were there to help her out – which thanks to the decency of that one young cop they were.


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