conversation with dod employee regarding fires out west and possible islamist connections

24 Aug

ive had a personal conversation with a neighbor who is in the dept of defense and it turned to the fires we have experienced out west, here is the interesting part.

they (the government) have evidence that many of these fires have been started by incendiary devices attached to rudimentary floating devices (balloons) the news has repeatedly started out talking about various fires being man caused based on evidence then that goes down the memory hole as the feds get involved and it is discussed no more.

in the conversation this person who has all the credibility in the world to me stated that they have indications that jihhadi islamists are believed to be involved and is the reason it is quickly being flushed down the memory hole.

in the conversation my source told me that devices which failed to burn and start forest fires have also been found in more than one state.




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