it doesnt take a fortune teller to tell the future our smug political elites have written it on the wall

16 Sep

we are heading towards the end of the tracks and off a cliff and not one responsible adult is left in charge in washington to slow this train down. barry the light bringing magical unicorn rider said he didnt want us to be the most powerful nation in the world and he got his wish. he has done everything in his power to weaken us, then when he wanted to use that power he has found it slipped through his fingers like water.

he has deliberately expanded the size of the government until it is a leviathan that takes every drop of our wealth and the future wealth of our childrens children. as it squeezes the individual making him smaller and smaller it slowly chokes off the prosperity for years to come. and creates three classes of citizen the everyday commoner american expected to either shut up and pay up or the rabble who are expected to show up and keep the power elites in power as long as they get their ebt’s, obama phones and the like. or the government democrat machine worker. for now the democrat party and the government are one entity and it will put its boot on your neck if you dont pony up and shut up. that was the message sent by the enforcers at the IRS for the democrat machine to average people who decided to organize politically during the rise of the teaparty. and lackeys in the media

we are now borrowing from our childrens children shackling them with an unpayable overwhelming debt in order to pay for government and government toys, meant to what? subdue unruly citizenry when we get angry at our serfdom?and bread and circuses for the low masses. all the while crony’s and friends of the power elite amass unearned wealth they will use to live the good life no matter the hell on n earth the future may unleash on the american people sometime in the future.

we are a great nation. but we are not immune to gravity. if this nation drives off a cliff it will find itself in pieces at the bottom. we will end up with hyper inflation, its only a matter of time. we are trying to inflate our way out of all our socialist spending ways and it will come to an end, its really only when.

you want to hedge your bets for a future being written by patently incompetent malevolent people like barry and the rest of his socialist elite fools? they are grasshoppers telling you not too worry, winter will never come.

set aside savings in gold.

have at least two to three serviceable rifles and handguns and amass good supply of ammo, pick calibers that are ubiquitous, rifles that are easily maintained.

keep a pantry with at least six months of food.

have a way to filter water. a clean supply of water will keep you alive. a dirty supply will kill you in days

have a couple months supply of kerosene and a heater

a woodburning stove in the house and a couple cords of wood. if you get the kind with a windowed front and put it in your family room it makes for cozy pleasant winters.

a generator, an inverter  a couple 24v  solar panels and couple deep cell batteries. you will thank me when you can make coffee and run a hotplate to cook food without wasting fuel. always keep your gas tanks full you may need to use one of the vehicles as a fuel depot to run a generator.

we have produced the bubble of all bubbles. the banking bubble, the housing bubble, the tech bubble will pale in comparison to the government bubble we are in now. when it colapses under its own unworkable byzantine weight, and voracoius appitite for wealth that cannot be sustained it will be a societal event to which we have never seen in our time. what will trigger it.

a weak president who invites an attack by the hyenas of the world who finally sense the old lion isnt what it used to be?

who knows but the clock is ticking and a few things are certain our currency is being turned into toilet paper.

our economy and military are being gutted.

our traditional values are being viciously attacked and destroyed

our borders are non existent

some people just rationalize, hey its just the times we live in. no these are times that are leading to a consequence. like I wrote in the beginning, our nation cant be driven down a dead end and off a cultural cliff, an economic cliff, a foreign policy cliff and at some point not hit the bottom of the cliff with a horrible thud

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