some of the heros of the westgate attack

24 Sep

kenyan police and military have a lot to be proud about after the bravery shown on one of the darkest days in that nations history. true heroes risking all for God and country against true forces of evil


just so we are clear here, these guys are going after the forces of evil with just pistols, the bad guys have rifles and grenades, pistols are what you use to fight your way to a rifle, not a primary weapon to smoke out the opponent. what they are doing is true valor in the face of terrible odds.




and then there is this guy, I noticed the gun in his waist band and thought this is odd as per the original title Escape: This family, who had been trapped inside the shopping centre, support each other as they escape from the scene

but now reports say he was SAS and was having coffee in the mall when it all started. he then took people to safety and went back in dozens of times to lead people out

sasive smudged his face if it turns out to be true since these elite special operators could be endangered by recognition

SAS hero of the mall massacre: Off duty soldier with a handgun saved 100 lives as terrorists ran amok

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